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74 Hauppauge Road
Commack, NY 11725

For Tickets or Information,
Call the Box Office at

631-462-9800 x-136

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Saturday, November 3 & 17, 2018 at 8 pm
Sunday, November 4, 11 & 18, 2018
at 2 pm

Page 1: Publicity photos from The King and I

Publicity photos by Gene Indenbaum

Page 1: Publicity photos from The King and I

The King and I

(In order of appearance)
Captain Orton
.....Larry Katz
Louis Leonowens.....Aidan Heddle
Anna Leonowens.....Karen Santaromita
The Interpreter.....Brendan Bitler
The Kralahome.....Mitch Cooperman
The King.....Solomon Buchman
Phra Alack.....David M. Gordon
Lun Tha.....Marc Strauss
Tuptim.....Kara Vertucci
Lady Thiang.....Meredith Dimmler
Prince Chulalongkorn.....Elijah Shin
Princess Ying Yaowalak.....Ariana Glaser
Sir Edward Ramsay.....Joe Kassner
Princes and Princesses:
AnnaBelle Deaner, Ashley Rowehl, Emma Rose Kassner Strauss,
Goldie Centamore, Michael Deaner, Hannah Krinski,
Kassidy Harff, Leah Mendelsohn, Jack Mendelsohn
Royal Wives:
Cathy Collins, Corrie Ann Young, Grace Shin,
Jean Ryder, Judy Wildfeuer, Katlyn Reller, Margo Blatt,
Mia Comparetto, Sandee Levine, Maegan Bitler
Amazons / Guards:
Brendan Bitler, David Gordon, Gene Indenbaum, Barry Silver
The Cast of the ballet, Uncle Tom’s Cabin:
Narrator / Tuptim
.....Kara Vertucci
Uncle Thomas / Simon Legree.....Brendan Bitler
Little Eva.....Grace Shin
Little Topsy.....Elijah Shin
Eliza.....Maegan Bitler
Angel With Wings.....Mia Comparetto
Dancers.....Marc Strauss, David M. Gordon, Aidan Heddle
Chorus.....The Royal Wives

Sandra A. Vigliotti.....Piano / Conductor
Jacqueline Martin.....Violin
Tiffany Jordan Anderson.....Cello
Frank Yolango.....Bass
Nicole Boyle.....Flute / Piccolo
Jennifer Hood.....Oboe / English Horn
Brendan Meier.....Clarinet / Bass Clarinet
Steven Henry.....Trumpet
Alyssa Cherson.....French Horn
Rex Enderlin.....Trombone
Rob Levy.....Percussion

Director.....Rich Buckley
Music Director.....Sandra A. Vigliotti
Choreographers.....Brendan & Maegan Bitler
Producers.....Gene Indenbaum and Arthur Germain
Production Stage Manager.....Samantha Wright
Costumer.....Maxine Katz
Costume Assistants:
Elaine Helstein, Evelyn Jacobson,
Leonora Wallace and Susan Paraszczuk
Set Designer.....Bob Wildfeuer
Lighting Designer.....Nelson Vetter
Sound Technician.....Doug Gilman
Spotlights.....Chip Wright, Eden Seskin and Noah Seskin
Set Construction and Painting:
Chet Wallace, Kenneth Smith, Barry Silver, Howard Helstein,
Arthur Germain, Patty Germain, Chip Wright and Joe Cottone
Running Crew Chief.....Gene Indenbaum
Running Crew:
Gene Indenbaum, Barry Silver, Howard Helstein and Chet Wallace
Props.....Marlene Karp
Dressers.....Evelyn Jacobson and Elaine Helstein
Make-up.....Elaine Helstein and Susan Paraszczuk
House / Concession Manager.....Tina Indenbaum
Cast Ticket Sales Coordinator / Box Office.....Leonora Wallace
Group Sales Coordinator / Box Office / On-Line Ticketing.....Melanie Waddell
Usher Coordinators.....Jeffrey Jacobson and Beverly Arnold
Head Usher.....Marlene Karp
Playbill Cover & Poster Design.....Tina Indenbaum
Playbill Coordination & Design.....Barry Silver
Playbill Advertising and Publicity.....Larry Katz
Publicity Photography.....Gene Indenbaum
Webmaster / Designer of Silver
Orchestra Coordinator.....Helene Tiger
Theater Office Liaison.....Melanie Waddell
Hospitality.....Marcey Wagner & Bob Wagner and Evelyn Jacobson
Thanks to Barbara Kirby and Joe Kassner for costumes


74 Hauppauge Road
Commack, NY 11725

631-462-9800 x-136

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