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74 Hauppauge Road
Commack, NY 11725

For Tickets or Information,
Call the Box Office at

631-462-9800 x-136

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Saturday, May 22, 29 & June 5 • Sunday, May 23 & June 6, 2004

Publicity photos by Jim McNicholas







Performance photos by Bob Wildfeuer and Mike Merritt


Guys and Dolls

(In Order of Appearance)
Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Benny Southstreet
Rusty Charlie
Sarah Brown
Arvide Abernathy
Mission Band

Harry the Horse
Lt. Brannigan
Nathan Detroit
Angie the Ox
Liver Lips Louie

Miss Adelaide
Sky Masterson
Joey Biltmore
General Cartwright
Big Jule
Master of Ceremonies
Hot Box Dancers

Waiter #1
Waiter #2
Havana Dancer

Bag Lady
Newspaper Vendor
Woman with Baby Carriage
Doug Vandewinckel
Scott Postel
Chris Smith
Gina Manziello
Jim McDermott
Esther Feldman
Sheilah Barksdale, Patty Germain,
Karen Keenan, Mary Mistretta
and Michelle Nielsen
Tim Conlon
Larry Katz
Rick Grossman
Lon Shomer
Colin Gough
Michael Maniscalco, Walter Middlebrook
and Chuck Timson
Jeannine Gallmeyer
Jack Seabury
Doug Gilman
Melissa McCarthy
Pauline Gough
Steve Fallis
Chuck Timson
Joyce Bloom, Lucille Guarino,
Lori Kohan, Bettina Levy,
Melissa McCarthy, Marisa Medower,
Barbara Schuler, Ellyn Stein,
Rita Wallace and Judy Wildfeuer
Colin Gough
Michael Maniscalco
Barry Silver
Georgene Muzio
Sheilah Barksdale, Patty Germain,
Karen Keenan, Michael Maniscalco,
Walter Middlebrook, Mary Mistretta,
Georgene Muzio, Michelle Nielsen
and Chuck Timson
Maxine Katz
Gene Indenbaum
Samantha Schwartz

Paula Willis
Anita Barreca, Cathy Beck,
Gary Beck and Kathleen Krull
Christine Helbock and Rod Tibbetts
Tom Barreca and Vernon Gatewood
Frank Cannon
Music Director
Production Stage Manager
Set Designers
Technical Director
Assistant to the Costumer
Lighting Designer
Spotlight Technicians
Sound Technician
Set Construction / Painting

Decorative Painting

Running Crew Chiefs
Running Crew

Property Mistresses
House / Concession Manager
Cast Ticket Sales Coordinator
Group Sales Coordinator
Box Office Coordinator
Usher Coordinator
Playbill Cover and Poster Design
Playbill Coordination and Design
Publicity / Advertising
Publicity Photography
Webmaster / Designer of
Helene Tiger
Paula Willis
Mary Hall
Robin Richman
Gene & Tina Indenbaum
Barbara Bresin & Maxine Katz
Bob Wildfeuer
Maxine Katz
Samantha Schwartz
Nelson Vetter
John Kohan & Chet Wallace
Mike Merritt
Bob Wildfeuer, Barry Silver,
Chet Wallace, Gene Indenbaum,
Tina Indenbaum, Sheryl Mayber,
Sandra Nutig, Floyd Nutig, Mike Merritt,
Linda Merritt, Leonora Wallace,
Gene Kopf and Samantha Schwartz
Sandra Nutig, Tina Indenbaum,
Maxine Katz and Barbara Bresin
Barry Silver and Gene Indenbaum
Barry Silver, Gene Indenbaum,
Gene Kopf, Robert Kopf,
Sheryl Mayber, Sandra Nutig,
Floyd Nutig, Tina Indenbaum,
Linda Merritt and Samantha Schwartz
Beverly Arnold and Marlene Karp
Sheryl Mayber
Leonora Wallace
Cooky Klein
Eileen Bellman
Sheryl Mayber
Barry Silver
Barry Silver
Maxine Katz & Larry Katz
Jim McNicholas

Barry Silver
Marcey Wagner
Special thanks to Barbara Kirby, Eleanor at Herricks Community Players,
Sherry Kfare, Lydia Gladstone, The Salvation Army & Good Will.


Top left to right:
Tina Indenbaum, Barbra Bresin, Sheryl Mayber, Floyd Nutig,
Sandra Nutig, Bob Wildfeuer, Chet Wallace and Leonora Wallace.
Bottom left to right:
Linda Merritt, Mike Merritt, Samantha Schwartz,
Maxine Katz, Barry Silver and Gene Indenbaum.

Left to right: Marlene Karp,
Gene Kopf and Beverly Arnold
Left to right:
Robert Kopf and Barry Silver

74 Hauppauge Road
Commack, NY 11725

631-462-9800 x-136

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